Forage to Flourish with Jouko and Kata!

You are a health-conscious individual who cares deeply about the well-being of yourself and your loved ones. While your knowledge of nutrition is advanced, do you ever struggle to find what you need in stores or trust the labels on food products? 

Imagine having a superfood market in your backyard, where wild edible plants are completely free and more nutritious than expensive supplements.

This Mother Earth Market, offering the most natural food in the world, is open for you with a click of a button here.

Meet Your Guides

Jouko Kivimetsä

The world’s most experienced wild edible plant teacher and a Cretan diet expert with over 30 years of experience, Jouko hails from the foraging paradise of Finland. He will guide you to discover the treasures called HORTA - edible wild plants, available in your backyard, closest meadows or forests.

Katalina Kokavecz 

An internationally renowned Functional Medicine educator from Hungary, Katalina will explain in detail through numerous videos why these untampered, original species are the most nutrient-dense foods you can consume. As a bestselling author on reversing autoimmune conditions with lifestyle changes, she will provide scientific insights on the impact of the horta lifestyle on your body and mind.

Imagine the Benefits

Imagine the satisfaction of foraging for natural treasures, knowing you're providing your family with the purest, most nutritious ingredients straight from the earth. Learn to identify, harvest, and utilize these powerful plants to elevate your family's meals and contribute to the well-being of our planet. By incorporating nutrient-rich, responsibly sourced foods into your diet, you also make a significant positive impact on the environment.

Look What Others Say

Hear what the people who have made a major leap for better in their life with the help of this webcourse, say of their experiences.

"I really, really enjoyed it. I've been longing for something like this for a long time. Although I knew that several weeds are edible, I was unsure about the details of which parts, when, and how to collect and consume them. I always eagerly awaited the next modules. Kata and Jouko's enthusiasm was completely contagious. I even made carrot rolls for my friends, sneaking in a good amount of horta. I only told them later what that beautiful green filling in the slices was. Thank you for this experience and the many insights.”


student of the 2022 course


"I really enjoyed it. I already knew 9 out of the 10 horta friends, but the approaches brought a lot of new things to me both theoretically and practically. I would recommend the course to anyone who is open to getting closer to and appreciating nature.”


student of the 2022 course


"I think the course is great! It helps return to the roots, to nature, and to a healthy lifestyle.”


student of the 2022 course


What Does the Online Course Include?

  • Detailed Presentations: On the 10 most common and nutrient-dense edible wild plants everyone can collect regardless where they live. You can find them everywhere! 
  • Identification and Use: Learn how to recognize, harvest, and use these plants in everyday nutrition.
  • Cooking Tips: Simple methods to develop your horta cooking style for salads, soups, omelets, casseroles, sauces, smoothies, snacks and more.
  • Preservation Techniques: Basics of drying, freezing, making preserves, tinctures, and fermenting horta to make them available all year round.
  • Health Benefits: Discover how wild plants support metabolism, gut health, and the microbiome, containing more nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber than store-bought food.

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How is this course different and unique?

This web course is truly unique in encompassing the teachings of science based Functional Medicine,
world's healthiest Cretan diet and holistic reversing aging knowledge. 

The teachers Jouko and Kata are long term experts in all of these and living examples of how this "horta lifestyle" works to give you longevity and life with far less medicines - there are there in your back yard!

This course is NOT just biology class with plant regognition OR a culinary course with fancy recipes.
Those both are there, yes, but the lifestyle changes that you can learn by this course is the ground braking difference and core value in this praized webcourse.



 Five modules with new modules released one after another.


Over 60 inspiring videos in English with written notes.


One year from the day of purchase.


Progress at your own pace with weekly course materials.

Sign up now to embark on this transformative journey toward nourishing your family with the best, nature has to offer.

Let's start foraging together!  

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We guarantee your satisfaction with this highly praised course. 

If you are not satisfied and let us know within two weeks, we will refund your money no questions asked.

Disclaimer: The content of the course is primarily intended as self-study material and is not designed to treat any medication condition. 

Talk to your doctor before using any of the herbs mentioned on this course.


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