Free Mini Course on Horta

If you want to learn the life style with horta (wild edible leafy greens) and more of Jouko Kivimetsä's teaching, you will will love this free mini webcourse on three best plants found everywhere in Europe. Start with them!

Easy to learn initial info how to recognize the plants, ideas how to cook with them, how to preserve them, what their taste and health properties are and why you should eat them.

Jouko is a top horta guru from Finland, a paradise for wild food in pure and vast nature. Jouko has one of the longest experiences (for over 30 years) studying and teaching foraging in all climate zones in Europe. He is a developer of teaching materials, professional use of horta (food production, restaurant menu’s, horta walk guiding, school itineraries). Sign up here to get this minicourse for free to see the way he approached the superfood treasures of Mother Earth.

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